About Us

Mac Abdul's  Net World and PC Solutions come into existence in year 2016
Founder of The site is Mac Abdul and Co-Founder is Saalim_Tahir
Main Motto of developing the site is to provide the basic knowledge of latest technology and to provide some useful tricks to get awesome way of enjoying life
The Editing and updates of site is doing by Saalim_Tahir while Mac Abdul is to verify and the own site.


Mac Abdul  Founder                                                           Saalim_Tahir Co-Founder 
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About Mac Abdul :
Mac Abdul (April 15) is an 18 years old Indian ,CS Engg. Student , ProgrammerInternet , enterpreneur ,executive ,investor  and philanthropist. He is founder of  website www.howtricks.com .
His total net worth from all sources is estimated to be US$1000  as of August 2016 .

About Saalim Tahir:
Saalim Tahir complete name is Er.Mohamaad Saalim Tahir (Sep 30) is an 18 years old Indian ,CS Engg. from JMI,New Delhi,.He is Co-founder of  website www.howtricks.com and owner of www.pickfreesolutions.blogspot.com  ,www.jminotes.blogspot.com and best YouTube Channel "Saalim Tahir" .
From The Desk Of Saalim
So Here is I.
I am simple is water and difficult as Buckminsterfullerene I like to do some inttresting with some new ways