Whatsapp installation in Linux

1) Install Android Emulator

WhatsApp is based on Android App, so we have to install Official Android SDK (Android Emulator) or GynuMotion (Android Emulator) Before proceeding WhatsApp installation on your system.

2) WhatsApp download

Use the below command to download WhatsApp package.
$ sudo wget http://www.whatsapp.com/android/current/WhatsApp.apk

3) Installing ADB package

Use the below command to install the Android Debug Bridge (adb) package to manage (install/UN-install) apk file in Linux Systems.
$ sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

4) Install WhatsAPP

Use the below command to install the WhatsApp package in Linux System. Make sure you should navigate to your Android device location (In my case i have installed Android device (magesh.avd) at /opt/../avd/magesh.avd
$ sudo adb install WhatsApp.apk
2428 KB/s (17745252 bytes in 7.135s)
 pkg: /data/local/tmp/WhatsApp.apk

5) Setup WhatsAPP

Double click the WhatsApp icon to configure it.whatsapp-installation-in-linux-5
Agree Terms and conditions button to move forward.
Verify your phone number, then hit Ok.
Connecting with WhatsApp server
Confirm your Phone number, then hit Ok.
SMS verification will be sent to given number.
Enter the verification number, If it is correct it moves forward automatically.
Update profile information.
WhatsApp Welcome screen, then hit Continue.
Invite your friends.
Start chatting with your friends now.
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